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We have a dream, Protect our private Data, Without abuse.
Light the Global MailSystem.

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About Us

Team introduction

MiYou Lab is an innovative organization based on the combination of cryptography, blockchain and mailbox applications, with the vision of "making each of us data safer". By applying blockchain and cryptography technology to mailboxes and related fields, it provides practical and practical applications for data security and data protection. Through the economic model capabilities provided by the blockchain, the income distribution mode of related application fields will be changed, so that those who participate in the contribution can enjoy matching economic benefits, and those who create value can obtain value. It also implements economic punitive measures for sabotage and evil behaviors through the ability of punishment provided by economic models. Let us have safer and healthier applications. The MiYou team has worked in the Internet and computer software industries for many years. The core members come from famous Internet companies and large software companies. There are both veterans with 10-20 years of work experience as well as vigorous newcomers. Apart from working for life, we hope to work for our dreams, and hope that in the era of rapid development of information technology, blockchain technology can serve more people. We build an email service ecosystem around email applications. Deeply cultivate enterprise and Internet mailboxes, continue to focus on basic mailbox services, provide new services with features such as encryption and data preservation, and further use blockchain and Internet technology to build a stable infrastructure for people. We hope that the future mailbox service will be a point-to-point decentralized service, not controlled by a company or institution. Each of us has more control and ownership of our data. We have a dream, Protect our private Data, Without abuse it. Lighting the Global MailSystem.