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A Next-Generation EMail Ecosystem Base on Blockchains

Built on Ethereum and BTC ecological technologies.

Web3.0 EMail
The arrival of the blockchain era will bring email systems into the new era of Web3.0, ultimately forming a peer-to-peer information and value transfer.
You will experience the epochal functionalities of email encryption, data preservation, and value transfer brought by Web3.0 email based on blockchain technology.
You can establish your user identity and reputation system in the era of Web3.0.
Support sending and receiving emails on Nostr. Bitcoin and Ethereum social wallet. Supports Lightning Network addresses LNURL. Deep support for RGB in the future
Marketing services Digital NFT endows new value to the era, allowing enterprises and users to enjoy their own value. MiYou Market, MiYou DeMarket, Web3 email subscription, digital stamps, digital tickets, digital certificates, allow everyone to experience diverse digital functionalities.
Hardware products. By using independent hardware to store encrypted content, it is possible to effectively block the risk of data leakage and create a data safe box for the era of Web3.0. You will owner a Node and Proxy.
Blockchain infrastructure.

Based on the email system's dedicated blockchain system, we can more conveniently use smart contracts and DAPPs, allowing blockchain to integrate into our work and life.
It fully embodies the three core features of the era of Web3.0: user-centricity, economic model incentives, and autonomy and co-governance.

Economic model incentives.
Autonomy and co-governance.
We have a dream, Protect our private Data, Without abuse it.
Lighting the Global MailSystem