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The combination of hardware and blockchain You will owner a Node and Proxy.

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Position: Hardware


Stay tuned! Hardware products, planned to start in the second phase
Email encryption treasure The safest preservation of mails All your emails are only saved on your private hardware Hardware wallet All your valuable digital assets have a hardware storage
BDN&CDN Make your application functions faster Make access faster and save valuable time Not only fast, but also make money BDN and CDN services bring you benefits
Blockchain storage Not only the safe storage of emails, but also your own network disk can be used You always have a private encrypted network disk Sharing economy Participate in the blockchain storage plan. While being safe, you can also feel and use encrypted storage in the new era
Edge computing Maybe this step is far away, but she is worth looking forward to The world is developing very fast, edge computing sounds very far away, maybe it will come to you soon We don’t know what she looks like, but she must be charming Own edge computing