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Digital NFT (endowing NFT with more programmability).MiYou digital NFT product is a cross-border innovation that combines blockchain technology with digital works. It provides enterprises with blockchain certification technology to enhance the cultural carrying capacity, display power, and dissemination power of creative products. Each digital item has a unique digital code, with characteristics such as permanent certification, non-replication, and non-tampering. Each one is a unique digital souvenir that preserves beauty forever through innovative creativity that combines digitization and artistry. It is not just a digital NFT, but also has unlimited expansion capabilities brought by smart contracts, bringing you new marketing interactions.
【Journey to the West】Digital stamp.

Digital code MYMP#8008 time2022-09-09 12:09:09

Digital stamp.
【Journey to the West】Digital ticket.

Digital codeMYJNB#8248 time2022-09-09 12:09:09

Digital ticket.
【Arcana Taloca】Digital commemorative card.

Digital codeMYMP#8008 time2022-09-09 12:09:09

Digital commemorative card.
【No threshold of 50】Digital coupon.

Digital codeMYYHQ#8238 time2022-09-09 12:09:09

Digital coupon.
The advantages of revitalizing email marketing. Eliminating spam emails, delivering suitable products and services to target customers, and sending relevant content to those who are interested. Web 3.0-based email subscription, based on the will of repeat users, builds private traffic for enterprises. Selling and trading one's own products in Demarket.
product description The MiYou email marketing platform has self-developed DSP email marketing system and email advertising store system, which can realize traffic monetization for advertisers' point-to-point accurate delivery and traffic owners' choice of advertising delivery. The front end adopts the latest HTML5+CSS3 development, which has better experience, stronger functions and faster speed, and supports computer/mobile/tablet operation. It also provides one-to-one professional after-sales service to help you to send useful information to users in need at the right time, making email marketing more effective!

EDM advertising marketing

In-page advertising marketing

Client Software advertising marketing
Our platform

Precise delivery
Each valid email address corresponds to a certain individual or organization.
We carry out effective data cleaning, mining and management to make your advertising more accurate and efficient than ever before.

Data labeling
Collect user tags through user behavior, further establish 360 data portraits, and define and manage them, realize data labeling, and form one-to-one precision marketing.
For example, if the tags are collected and the images are restored to customers who used coupons to purchase through common mail channels, then the coupon promotions will be triggered in the mail channels to guide conversion.

Crowd portrait
According to the user's intention and behavior data, accurate user portraits are used to identify each user's real needs and hobbies. Provide you with comprehensive and intelligent user portrait analysis to help you understand users in depth.
Targeted recommendation advertisements:
browsing targetingvisiting targetinggeographic location mobile targetingbasic informationuser interests social relationships

Fission marketing
Everyone is a KOL "old with new" model, each user can automatically select traffic ads, send them by email, share and guide friends around them to pay attention, new and old users can get rewards, effectively attracting users to click and convert.

Marketing automation
Set up plans, add creativity, target conditions, no need to wait, and deliver on time.

Data report
Provide you with real-time and accurate reports, allowing you to understand every detail of advertising at the first time, so as to shorten the optimization cycle and save the budget.

Advertisers can operate independently in the MI YOU email marketing platform, which is simple to operate, highly interactive, and clear.

Natural anti-cheating
Each link is unique, and the number of impressions and clicks are unique.

Service support
Sales, optimizers, designers, and technicians provide users with one-stop service. Free system training, professional operation guidance.
Advertisers Point-to-point precise delivery Data labeling management, perfect user portrait Autonomous operation, clear delivery Help you sending useful information to users in need at the right time, and help your advertising delivery achieve better results!
MiYou Email Marketing System
Traffic master At the same time sending emails, the value-added of your emails will be realized. Select the appropriate advertiser's advertisement on the MiYou advertising store, you can set the placement, and send the email normally to get the income.
Advertising store
Help you achieve your business goals---advertiser
  • Marketing customer
  • acquisition brand promotion
Get more quality customers Data modeling, fine tags, optimized algorithms, accurate positioning of people Enhance brand awareness Reach the most interested target groups and push them to achieve brand image exposure and increase brand search rate. I want to advertise
Help you quickly realize your traffic---the traffic master
  • Traffic monetization
Traffic monetization While sending emails, make your emails value added Financial transparency As a third-party platform, fully transparent the business process of advertising monetization
Settlement at the marked price, open and transparent data
I also want to be a traffic master