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MiYou Mail System

MiYou Mail System
E-mail is a "postcard" (sent in plain text), and the content of the mail is very easy to be stolen and tampered with illegally during transmission. Especially now that many corporate mailboxes have been migrated to the cloud and directly use the cloud mailbox service of the cloud service provider. How to ensure that the email content in the cloud mailbox will not be illegally used and compliance is an urgent problem that needs to be solved. MiYou uses blockchain technology to asymmetrically encrypt data, and only your own private key can decrypt emails; users’ data is encrypted, and the entire SSL encrypted transmission is used to ensure data transmission security; You can confidently send confidential information and store all confidential information and documents in your e-mail and in the cloud mail server. All mail information has been turned into cipher text before sending, and the whole process from sending to receiving is encrypted. Only when the whole process is encrypted—encrypted before sending, can the security of the email content be truly guaranteed and confidential information will not be stolen illegally.
Peer-to-peer email service in the Web3.0
Current mail services are provided by centralized service providers, with blockchain technology, email can return to the peer-to-peer mode. In addition to mail-based systems, it is also possible to send and receive email based on distributed systems such as Nostr. We provide a protocol called MMS (MiYou Mail Service), which includes information such as email service address, user email rules, mailbox reputation, and encryption properties required for peer-to-peer transmission. Each mailbox configures its own mailbox information, enabling full support for peer-to-peer email transmission. Not only does it have peer-to-peer email functionality, but it also allows users to register their own unique Web3.0 domain names. Come and experience it!
Every email is a proof
Data preservation based on blockchain technology (conducive to the immutable nature of blockchain) Each email can be a piece of proof Complete data preservation by sending an email, making data preservation easier
More rich features.
The transmission of value datawhich involves the three basic elements of FT (fungible tokens), NFT (non-fungible tokens), and SFT (semi-fungible tokens) within emails.
Embedding smart contract functionality. In addition, emails can serve as an entry point for functions such as smart contracts, which will greatly enrich the functionality of the email system.
Special blockchain layer 2 extensions. The layer 2 extension functionality of blockchain can be partially implemented within emails and will have some new features, such as increased security and privacy.
Super node of MailSystem
A group of people who participate in the ecological construction of encrypted mailboxes Obtain e-mail, marketing, hardware, and blockchain related activities qualifications and benefits In the long run, you can independently run your own mailbox system that meets the ecological requirements to achieve a complete decentralized mailbox ecology Please look forward to relevant application conditions
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